Dear Mala Dwivedi Ma'am , I am happy for the service of Vastu Consultant that IPVaastu had provided to my new home construction The Vastu service was of good quality & delivered in time I will definitely recommend IP Vastu to all my friends & acquaintances Keep up the good work.

Sanjay Kanetkar,

Shreyas Aircon, Nagpur

Ar. Mala Dwivedi is a gem in Vastu consultation. Recently she consulted us for our home and office, and the best thing was she balanced our expectations with her perfect Vastu tips .
I strongly recommend Ar . Mala Dwivedi to everyone looking for a Modern period Vastu consultation.

Mahal, Nagpur

I am very thankful for the service I got from Mrs Mala Dwivedi. She is an expert Vastu consultant who never fails to make your home filled with positivity & enhance your living space with creativity.
Thanking IP Vastu for commendable service.

Dr Komal Kashikar

Founder, Larisha Ayurved

My experience with IPVastu was incredible and satisfactory. I am highly benefited by her tips and guidance regarding vastu for my office. She observed each corner of the space minutely and implemented the changes very next day of her visit.
I am happy with her service and recommend her to all who are planning to build a home or renovating old one.

I will definitely recommend IPVastu to all my friends and acquaintances.
Keep up the good work.

Swapnil Gathibandhe


Ar. Mala Ma'am gives valuable vaastu suggestions for anyone who needs them. She will not make unnecessary additions to your vaastu plan. Her suggestions are definitely helping me grow in my business. She is very humble, sincere and hardworking person. She will not give false promises.
I would definitely recommend Mala ma'am for vaastu suggestions to my friends and family. I did recommend her to my family member & they did not believe in Vaastu but with her suggestions they have seen drastic changes.


I am writing this as a personal reference for Ar. Mala Dwivedi. My cousin needed Vaastu corrections in her New Jersey home. I referred Mala to her for the same. Mala not only provided precise advise, but also the materials required to do those corrections. My cousin gave a good feedback regarding her experience.

I would recommend Ar. Mala Dwivedi for any Vaastu requirements.
I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information if required.
Meghana Nene


Thank you Mala Dwivedi for your vastu corrections done at Aashirwad Silvers.
I will highly recommend you to all my contacts. Your team is very efficient and polite. I am happy to share that those vastu changes brings a lot of difference in my work as well as in my life.
Binal Vaidya


जैसे गुजिया के सांचे में गुजिया बनता है, वैसे ही घर के सांचे में दिन बनता है, और एक - एक दिन जोड़कर जिंदगी बनती है। तो यह टेस्टिमोनी है माला मैम के लिए जिन्होंने मेरा घर का सांचा ठीक करके मेरी जिंदगी में अमूल्य परिवर्तन लाया है।
थैंक यू.

Ritesh Chouksey BNI ALL ROUNDER

Mahesh Sweets